Data Profits’ multi-tiered training successfully marries your business goals through the iKis 5.2 solution.


Demand Forecasting

Data Profits’ training is customized to your existing process flow and goals. We first understand your specific sales and supply chain objectives and then enter your process flow and service level goals into Data Profits’ iKis 5.2 software to marry your goals through the solution.

Data Profits understands that different business functions need customized business information and therefore we offer multi-tiered training. Our training allows different users with different job responsibilities to customize pages for their specific needs. We will train you on how to continually customize your iKis solution to meet your changing needs. We also teach your network of users how to use your customized solution, helping you achieve your goals and increase profit.

We offer training, at your location, at our office or over the web, as part of your initial set up. Unlike other software companies who offer advanced training with only per user pricing, Data Profits offers advanced training at flat-fee pricing, based on the class your group needs, not the number of users.

  • Live
  • Online
  • Webinars & Events

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