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July 2012

As we discussed in part one of our Lead Time Forecasting series, time is money and an accurate lead time forecast is critical for your business.  Lead Time forecasting is considered the time from when a Purchase Order is placed until the goods are ready and available to sell or ship off the shelf.  This week we take a look at how a lead time forecasting impacts your customers

Does Lead Time ruin your Customer-Centric Sales Environment?

Are you like the many retailers focused on delivering a customer-centric experience?  Amazon.com leads the industry in providing a true customer-centric experience that is focused on delivering the best possible customer experience and believe that by delivering this experience its business will continue to grow.  Based on the customer-centric model, let’s take look at how an inaccurate lead time forecast can have a real impact on your customers’ experience.
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Atlanta, July 17, 2012 – Data Profits (www.data-profits.com), developer of the iKIS™ solution delivers demand forecasting, inventory management, and collaboration tools to leading wholesalers/distributors, suppliers, and mid-tier retailers, announced today continued success with its iKIS Lead Time Forecasting Engine which provided a return on investment in less than 90 days for a Top 100 North American Retailer. The Data Profits’ iKIS solution allowed a retailer to negate more than a million dollar inaccuracy in lead time planning by accurately forecasting when product would arrive at their distribution warehouse.

“The retailer’s losses were caused by missed sales due to inaccurate lead times. Their inventory planning and vendor compliance systems were not able to quickly react to the dynamic marketplace,” said Stuart Dunkin, CEO of Data Profits. “The Data Profits’ iKIS solution tracks real time changes to purchase orders and lead time to quickly adjust order amounts to meet fulfillment goals. As part of the process, vendors and buyers were automatically alerted to changes, vendor behavior, associated costs and the iKIS system updates based on proprietary business intelligence (BI) tools and forecasting algorithms.” Read More

Lead Time Forecasting: Are Your Shelves Overstocked or Out-of-Stock?

Time is money – making lead time forecasting critical for your business. Over the next three weeks we will take a deeper look at lead times and the impact they have on today’s retail market supply chain.

A lead time of 60 days or more can become the largest influence in your safety stock due to variations in the actual lead times for receipted goods. The variations between actual lead times and also the differences between actual and expected lead times will need to be offset with the use of additional safety stock which lowers your profit margins significantly.

Do you find yourself looking at what inventory you have on the shelf while you wait for the slow boat to cross the Pacific? Do your suppliers provide an estimated lead time that quickly comes and goes and leaves you with overstock or out-of-stock? A recent study of a Top 100 North American Retailer showed lost sales of over a million dollars in gross margin due to inaccuracy in their lead time planning.

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