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September 2012

Inventory Optimization Summit by IE - Austin, Oct. 25-26

As a follow up to our recent series on Inventory Optimization, we wanted to share with you some highlights for the upcoming Inventory Optimization Summit on October 25 and 26 in Austin.

Inventory Optimization Summit by IE - Austin, Oct. 25-26

Presented by IE, an independent Business-to-business multi channel media brand focused on the information needs of Senior Finance, Operations, Planning, Strategy, Decision Support & Advanced Analytics executives, the Inventory Optimization Summit brings together the Supply and Operations industry in an interactive and informative environment. The summit will focus on Inventory Optimization strategies including:

  • How to incorporate Inventory Optimization tactics across the supply chain.
  • Creative strategies to engage senior leadership around Inventory Optimization techniques
  • How to use Inventory Optimization to drive success in your business.
  • How to balance customer service and revenue goals to maximize resources

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Inventory Optimization: Putting it in to Practice

We’re wrapping up an informative series on inventory optimization today: we’d like to give you some advice on actually putting it all in to practice. If you haven’t been with us throughout the month, the series has included:

What’s the Payoff?

What are the aims of Inventory Optimization? We argue that Inventory Optimization aims to improve your margins through a net reduction of acquisition and carrying costs. So what does this look like? Read More

The 3 Most Ignored (and Profitable) Factors in Inventory Optimization
When is the last time your Inventory Optimization (IO) program saw the inside of a warehouse, the bed of a truck, or a container floating across the ocean? Most inventory optimization programs overlook the harsh realities of replenishment and logistics. How does your program stack up?

Note: We’re in week four of our series on inventory optimization.

Oft-Overlooked Inventory Optimization Factors

While it’s true that inventory optimization is largely a math equation, the devil (and the profit) is in the details. Most solutions talk about carry cost, acquisition cost, and profits because it sounds good and seems impressive, but what is really happening under the hood of your IO solution? Read More

Carrying Cost: Clean up your Inventory Optimization Fuzzy Math

Inventory optimization is based upon two major components: acquisition cost and carrying cost. If either of these factors is inaccurate, then you could be leaving money on the table. An accurate carrying cost calculation can be the difference between a highly profitable inventory optimization program and one that forces you to close your doors.

Carrying Cost Mistakes: Inventory Optimization Killers

So you’ve implemented a highly successful PO tracking program, and you know your acquisition cost for each product and location down to the cent (kudos if you’ve read our latest blog on acquisition cost). Now what?

While many top retailers (or grocers, or wholesalers) may include many of the following factors in their carrying cost calculations, we’ve found that most businesses overly simplify their projections, losing valuable margin in the process. We’ve also found out that calculations often leave out real world restrictions including: Read More