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January 2013

How To Get Rid of your Planners Once and for all

Demand-Driven Forecasting discussions seem to run into a debate on the differences between demand forecasting and planning. We know how new technologies have moved beyond many planner job descriptions, some still think a planner and inventory manager are the same. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the value proposition that bottom up, demand-driven retail delivers; they continue to use the old planning models and rename their process as demand-driven. I sat in on a presentation for an international retailer a short time ago. They were a mid-tier retailer with sales in excess of $500M, a strong web presence, and stores found in shopping centers and malls. Their products are purchased by male and female shoppers resulting in strong return shopper experiences and new customers which deliver strong sales growth year after year.

Attendance for our meeting included the CIO, Chief Merchant, Director of Forecasting, planners, and inventory management people. They told us their goals were to reduce operating capitol but maintain service levels for the web and store customers. The company wanted to increase turns while re-purposing the capital from inventory into new stores and acquisitions. The irony of the meeting is that while they used words like Demand Driven retail and Demand Forecasting, they were really talking about planning and goal setting. They believed that allocations were great and had never even thought of discussing top down versus bottom up as two distinctly different methodologies that are used to achieve entirely different goals. Read More

IE Business Intelligence Innovation Summit - Analytics for 2013

How to Leverage your Business Analytics to Shape Your Strategy for 2013?

Do you model your Business Intelligence efforts after market leaders? Learn how industry best-practices can transform the effectiveness and applicability of your analytics at the IE Business Analytics Innovation Summit. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics on Big Data enable companies to make better decisions and become more competitive in today’s marketplace.

As businesses look to leverage their business analysis, several common questions come up, including:

  • How can you engage senior leadership around implementing advanced analytics processes?
  • What is the role of predictive analytics in driving accountability of results?
  • Can you drive more business success through more accurate insight and use of data?
  • What methods can deliver the most effective impact on your business through analysis of data?

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Top 5 Blogs of 2012: Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain Visibility

Hottest Topics of 2012: Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain Visibility

Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain Visibility are the top interest blogs (stories) from 2012. Based on the number of blog viewers and average time each viewer spent on each page, the following five blogs are 3-1 favorites from 2012. These blogs indicate the key areas that companies want to improve in 2013.

Inventory Optimization is critical to Success

Inventory Optimization (IO) is a goal that often delivers substantially more profits at reduced operating expenses. The math and processes are too complicated for Excel and often software companies use IO as buzzwords and not deliverables. The reality is IO provides great promise in a world where supply chains are getting more and more complex and logistics is getting faster and more efficient.

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