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February 2014

Slow Demand Inventory Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Is Managing Slow Demand this Painful for You?

Slow and Intermittent traffic is bad, worse is a snowstorm shutting down the highway leaving you stranded in your car for 10 hours. There is nothing worse than slow or dead stopped traffic in a snowstorm right? Maybe, while we sit in traffic, we should consider the slow demand products in your assortment. Do your slow demand products need to be in your assortment? In reality, that’s the wrong question to ask, over 35% of your assortment has slow demand patterns. If you factor in the intermittent demand products, you are now reviewing over 60% of your products, a significant part of your inventory assortment and image to the customer.
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Demand Forecasting: The Ultimate Secret for Your Organization’s Success

“I am like any other man. All I do is supply a demand.” – Al Capone

Al Capone understood very well that the secret to making money was simply giving people what they want. That’s it.  Demand Forecasting is all about that one simple thing – figuring out what your customers want so that you will have product in place to fulfill their demands: the right products in the right place at the right time.
For Capone, this was a task made easy by Prohibition, which eliminated an end to end supply chain: the legitimate producers, wholesale distributors, and retail sellers of alcohol. They all went away and created a large scarcity of product. There was a serious supply void for the end consumer’s demand, one that Capone’s organization was more than happy to fill.
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Demand Driven Do's and Don’ts: 3 Keys to Retail Success

Demand Driven Supply Chain Don’ts

Demand Driven retail/ wholesale companies stay ahead of the competition by focusing on three key areas in their supply chain. In addition, demand driven retailers and wholesalers know you will resist change and stay focused on sales and gross margin, failing to allow GMROI to impact operating decisions. Demand driven retail / wholesale companies understand you and the competition stay focused on fast profits, growing sales and increased customer counts without reviewing the cost of acquiring those customers or learning why existing customers didn’t spend more due to out of stocks resulting from lost sales. Demand Driven retail / wholesale companies know the things to avoid by watching the competition’s mistakes. Resisting change and staying focused on old business concepts and numbers doesn’t work in the marketplace anymore.
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