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September 2014

Stop! 3 Essential Inventory Optimization Elements to Add that Increase Profits

Is Your Inventory Optimization Solution Actually Leading to Profits?

The Inventory Optimization link in your chain is a critical piece to increase profit. How much inventory do you carry to meet future service goals without overstock and high carrying costs? How often should you reorder, acquisition costs like inventory carrying costs will reduce profits. Your inventory optimization solution needs to balance how much to carry, how often to reorder, demand rates, gross profits, pick quantity, supplier minimum, and business rules with a methodology (the math) that maximizes your profits while minimizing your risks.
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7 Reasons Demand Driven Is More Than a Buzz Word

What Do You Really Know about Demand Driven

Demand Driven sounds impressive doesn’t it? Sales and marketing people keep saying you need to be ‘Demand Driven’ and let’s be honest, most marketing and sales folks are like politicians, they can say a lot that sounds amazing but do very little to support their message or meaning. To understand the importance of Demand Driven, you need to identify what is true and what is false about Demand Driven concepts, otherwise the Buzz Term Demand Driven just becomes a Buzz Kill.
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