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October 2015

Demand Forecasting Slow Moving Products – 7 Dos and Don’ts

Wonder What Happens Next in this Slow Moving Scene?

I call them “heartbeat” products. Every Retailer and Manufacturer has them. The slow or niche products that don’t sell every day but are still vital to your business. If you charted their sales history, it would look like a heart monitor, up one week, down the next, up and down, up and down. No gentle seasonal curves here, just jagged peaks and deep valleys. You never know week to week if you are going to sell none or a hundred. Often expensive, well-managed heartbeat products can be valuable sales drivers. Poorly managed heartbeat products can eat up your profits and burn holes in your open to buy. So how do you maximize sales and lower your inventory on these slow movers?
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Data Profits Empowers a Demand driven Strategy for Retailers Gearing up for Holiday Shopping

Empowering Retailers with a Demand-driven Strategy for Holiday Shopping

ATLANTA, October 13, 2015 – For retailers, planning for the 2015 holiday shopping season – the season that can make or break the sales year—has been in process for months. In the case of shelf-stable stock, large purchase orders are already sitting on retail shelves. Leveraging technology to deliver actionable insights and forecasts, Data Profits provides retailers with the tools to ensure a profitable, nearly worry-free holiday season. Retailers can now take advantage of their free download “Data Profits 5 Step Checklist for Retailers to Gear Up for Holiday Shopping Season.
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The Unseen Biggest Dangers of Lost Sales

Lost Sales are just a KPI, Right?!?

Lost sales are a perpetual worry for all retailers. If your shelves are empty, customers go home empty-handed, and you won’t make your sales plan. Most replenishment systems and demand forecasting systems offer a lost sales calculation to help retailers manage this key business problem. But is your lost sales calculation actually helping you as much as you thought? Are you still watching sales slip through your fingers and wondering why?
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