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March 2016

5019000003194020_zc_v31_internet_of_things_is_bound_to_make_an_impact_in_your_demand_forecastingThe number of retailers and wholesalers closing locations continues to grow. Today the customer wants new choices every month. In the old days we could change products and assortments 2 times a year and then later that changed to 4 times a year. The internet of things (IoT) has redefined what is new and more importantly the expectation of the customer to have new choices every month. The issue is S&OP software that was written even 7 years ago is inadequate to serve a modern retail or wholesale business. Many ‘demand’ software solutions are not calculating demand, rather using a sales forecast method which is painful to see. Forecasting algorithms that use time series and regression analysis are the wrong choice of math for slow and intermittent demand. The technology has base code based on some old S&OP ideas and those ideas do not work today. This type of software cannot have an upgrade to move from top down to bottom up, and no product location forecasting does NOT mean it is a bottom up system. Upgrades are impossible due to the older architecture making change a start over situation that is very expensive for the tech company and customers… what to do?!?!?!
Running antiquated demand forecasting software? Find out what you need to keep pace with the Internet of Things (IoT).

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inventory-replenishment-is-your-big-data-creating-a-big-mess“Big Data” is a buzzword that means just what it says. With the boom of handheld devices, online shopping, and the Internet of Things, retailers now have access to nearly infinite amounts of data regarding their customers shopping habits. All that data requires the right resources to collect, sort, analyze, slice and dice to make the data usable. Companies invest heavily in Big Data resources in an effort to get ahead of their competition. But once you have all that data and you have reports on all that data, what do you do with it? How do you integrate Big Data into your inventory replenishment and your demand forecasting?
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