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Let Data Profits “tighten the links in your chain” through the assistance of our solution implementation services.

Data Profits can lessen your stress while “tightening the links in your chain” through our five-step implementation process. Allow us to handle as much, or as little of your solution implementation as you would desire. Our five-step process will guarantee that your inventory is optimized to meet your desired service levels.

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Step one in Data Profits’ implementation process is to define your company’s work plan agenda and objectives. In this step we will work with you to set your company’s specific goals, determine business processes, and your KPIs. In addition, in this step, Data Profits will extract, transform and load your valuable data through Data ETL into the iKis solution and assess any system cross integration needs that may exist.

The purpose of this step is to lay the groundwork for a successful implementation from start to finish.

In step two of Data Profits’ implementation process, we will define necessary tasks, assign those tasks and set schedules for completion. This process will ensure that all team members are aware of their responsibilities and the time frame on which they are working to achieve your company’s goals.

The third step in Data Profits’ implementation process is to put the work plan into action. In this step we will review the business processes that have been put into place to ensure that these processes are working to achieve our desired goals. In addition, during this step, the Data ETL validation and sign-off will occur. This step in the process will allow the Data Profits’ team to assess the iKis data and observe its performance.

Before fully turning over the iKis solution to you and your team, Data Profits wants to guarantee that you understand the solution and how to make it work best for you and your company’s needs.

During this step in the process, Data Profits will provide multi-tiered end user training. At Data Profits we understand that replenishment personnel, merchants and suppliers do not all want or need the same information to do their job. Therefore, we will train each level on how to customize their pages and dashboards based on their needs and specific job responsibilities.

During this step, Data Profits will also perform system testing to ensure user understanding of the iKis solution.

Following end-user training and system testing the Data Profits team will determine the readiness of the solution and your team to go live. Once it has been determined that the system is ready to go live a Kick Off Party is held, marking the official launch of the solution and to pump up your team about the new inventory management solution.

Our software implementation isn’t the end of Data Profits’ implementation process. We want to ensure post-implementation that you’re satisfied with our iKis solution and that all your goals are being met. In this step we will perform system stress testing, as well as review our successes and adapt as necessary.