IE Business Intelligence Innovation Summit - Analytics for 2013

How to Leverage your Business Analytics to Shape Your Strategy for 2013?

Do you model your Business Intelligence efforts after market leaders? Learn how industry best-practices can transform the effectiveness and applicability of your analytics at the IE Business Analytics Innovation Summit. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics on Big Data enable companies to make better decisions and become more competitive in today’s marketplace.

As businesses look to leverage their business analysis, several common questions come up, including:

  • How can you engage senior leadership around implementing advanced analytics processes?
  • What is the role of predictive analytics in driving accountability of results?
  • Can you drive more business success through more accurate insight and use of data?
  • What methods can deliver the most effective impact on your business through analysis of data?

Business Analytics Innovation Summit — Data Driven Success

These questions and more will be discussed with thought leaders at the Business Analytics Innovation Summit on January 30 and 31 in Las Vegas. The Innovation Enterprise Business Analytics Innovation Summit brings together industry leaders for case studies, interactive panel sessions and deep-dive discussions focused on the solutions offered by advanced analytics practices.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Director, Insights, Global Sales Organization, LinkedIn
  • Director, BI Development, Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • Director, Enterprise Analytics & BI, Starbucks
Data Profits - IE Business Analytics Innovation Summit Media Partner

When you combine the increase in the volume of data with the capacity to gain greater insight from data and statistics, it is essential to use innovative analytics practices to succeed. However, today’s theories underpinning analysis, planning, and strategy don’t necessarily pan out in the real world, particularly when examined in a global context. The Business Analytics Innovation Summit is an opportunity for you to discuss your business challenges and learn from the best in the business.

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