Omni-Channel Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Supply Chain

Your Business will Not See Profits from Omni-Channel this Year

The giants of retail took a huge bite out of 2013 sales. What did Apple, Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s, and Target get right? Omni-channel retailing…. they did it big and did it well to far surpass other retailers last year. Omni-channel retailing is the new multi-channel retailing that concentrates on a seamless customer experience through all available shopping channels, be it mobile device, brick and mortar, computer, tv, etc.

How did they do it, like this……

“Omnichannel initiatives include investments in improving the website and mobile apps to make shopping easier and faster, adopting digital marketing technologies that leverage a 360-degree view of customer shopping behavior, and collaborating on merchandising strategies across all channels.” RISnews

It’s Complicated Now

Merchandising strategies for the supply chain must become more IT intense to tie together all data through all channels. Supply chains have become much bigger than just stock movements and time related positioning of resources. Today, supply chains are about the flow of information as much as they are the actually flow of goods.

Do You have the Right Supply Chain Visibility Tools?

To meet the demands of omni-channel retailing, business owners are utilizing specialized supply chain strategy software. This software deciphers this flow of information by analyzing it and delivering the data in a visual form. The software should be unique to your products and business, not the same old generic spreadsheet software of the past. Information and feature understanding is simpler when the data is visualized, as compared to a jumble of raw numbers. Supply chain visualization allows you to spot trends, see patterns, and outliers.

Supply Chain Visualization can Find the Hidden Gems

Supply chain visualization brings together all data from all channels in a way that the human mind can best use it, visual perception. This insight will enable your business to increase sales and customer satisfaction right along side the big boys of the omni-channel retail environment of today. For more information on supply chain visibility contact us.

“The brain devotes more space to processing and storing visual information than all other senses combined.”

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