Predictions on the Future of Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility - A Reality in 2013

Future direction of Supply Chain Visibility

We all love the Best of 2012 Lists and Predictions for 2013. So as we prepare for 2013, I have been taking a look at the predictions for supply chain in 2013 including IDC’s Top Ten Predictions for 2013 Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management and Review’s Five Supply Chain Trends That Shaped 2012. Several topics are leading the look back and predictions including big data, visibility, visualization, virtualization, efficient and effective supply chains, cloud, mobile and communication and collaboration.

As an industry how do we take these predictions and put them in action for our customers and help them drive change and profitability.

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Solving the Supply Chain Visibility Puzzle in 2013

We see three important pieces to providing true real-time supply chain visibility in 2013:

  1. Actionable insights across the supply chain
  2. Smart data, which is needed to drive smart decisions
  3. The translation of smart data into new behaviors across the supply chain

The Data Profits Difference

Data Profits’ iKIS provides retailers with a solution today that provides supply chain visibility and drives profits. Our key differentiators include:

  1. An integrated picture of the supply chain which can be securely shared with internal and supplier and/or logistics sources
  2. Multi-level collaboration and action to create real-time views of strategic KPIs including risk, service levels, and in-stock availability
  3. Access to data and programs to make changes in a few clicks
  4. Supply chain visibility views by supply chain stakeholders without IT support
  5. Collaboration for key stakeholders in senior management, supply chain management, distribution center management, merchandising, buying, and inventory planning

Read the whole story about our Supply Chain Visibility features Press Release

If your company is ready to see actionable insights, access to granular data across internal and external sources and translate big data into actionable alerts and recommendations all within one system, click here for a demo and see how we can “Tighten the Links in Your Chain™.”

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