Haunted house in creepy foggy background with tree silhouettes.

Visiting a Haunted House this time of year was a rite of passage for me as a kid. To this day I love a good haunted house, forecasting what will pop up where and when? What room has the chainsaw, when will the plastic skeleton pop up, how bad will the sound effects and music really be as we wander into the darkness. Oddly, I can easily connect with the scary things that happen to companies using old (legacy) Demand Forecasting & Replenishment software that had core development more than 5 years ago. Then you bring in the consultant who cannot even explain the differences between demand and sales forecasting and you have a really scary (expensive) house of horror. A great example of the changing time is the Ken Bone costume that was born from a presidential debate in a matter of hours. Ken Bone rose to stardom from his question at a debate. Did you know a Ken Bone Halloween costume was made and being shipped to retailers all within the next 36 hours? That’s just a small part of the Omni-channel retail environment we live in today. Most forecasting and legacy software lack the tools to spin as the market spins within days. The issues in our supply chain today were never considered when the base code was written and consequently, no amount of ‘updates’ can create the fixes need in legacy software…scary, right?!?! So this month in our newsletter let’s take a few minutes, relax and gather a few ideas we can use to impact our supply chain this holiday. I’ve included some video clips, a seasonal index kit download with all the math (press release), and a collection of ideas of which one or two are bound to help your business. Enjoy Your Season

5 Scary Changes to Your Inventory Replenishment —Which Do You Make?

5-scary-changes-to-your-inventory-replenishment-which-do-you-make-You are scared of change, so are most people. It is a basic human emotion that we all fear change. When faced with the need for change, reality sets in and you’re reminded that the world changes constantly. A business that doesn’t change is doomed to fail. This sounds harsh but history teaches us that life is all about change. You either change, adapt (like a 1/2 change), or die. The irony in that statement is that often companies will change people but fail to change processes or systems, expecting things to improve. How long did your foot stay stuck in the mud? Until you pulled it out, you didn’t go get a different person’s leg. The same with supply chains, until business and people are willing to make changes, expect the same results. Read More




Data Profits Launches New Highly Responsive Websitedata-profits-launches-new-highly-responsive-website-copy

Atlanta, GA September 27, 2016 Data Profits, launches a new user-friendly and highly responsive Web site today. The new website will cover relevant topics like Forecasting to meet our user groups’ needs.
The goal at Data Profits is always to exceed our user groups’ expectations. Our customers wanted better teaching materials that focused on demand forecasting and inventory replenishment concepts. Our goal is to deliver user-friendly teaching and thought leadership materials to our users and also other companies that need new ideas to improve their demand forecasting and inventory replenishment. We knew these new materials needed to be delivered using modern social media like white board animation videos, memorable tweets, slide shares, and YouTube videos for immediate results. The team at Data Profits is committed to constantly evolving to the trends and demands in the marketplace to effectively manifest the best resources and tools like blogs, videos and SlideShares available. Read More


Four Ideas that can Fix Inventory Replenishment

four-ideas-that-can-fix-inventory-replenishmentCan you find new ideas to improve your inventory replenishment and / or supply chain in under three minutes? Do you find training materials and great ideas shared on the web by your software and other supply chain companies? Does your software support site provide a full offering of concepts and ideas that utilize support documents, template checklists, white board animation, and slide shares to support their product and your business? Read More






4 Fire Prevention Ideas for Demand Forecasting and Lead Time Forecasting (Video 3m)

4-fire-prevention-ideas-for-demand-forecasting-and-lead-time-forecastingDemand Planning and Forecasting, Replenishment teams often refer to themselves as firefighters, we get it. The problem often is you don’t identify the key issue in time. You throw water on the urgent and lose sight of the important event that has turned into a blaze. Here are some ideas to help you focus on the root issues in your planning, demand forecasting and replenishment processes.
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