Data Profits Chosen by Gartner Research for Inclusion in 2013 Forecasting and Replenishment Guide for Retailers

Leading mid-market SaaS Supply Chain & Planning solution highlighted by Gartner

Atlanta, September 17, 2013 – Data Profits Inc. has been selected by Gartner Research to be included in their latest research report titled “The Gartner Retail Forecasting and Replenishment Vendor Guide, 2013,” published in August 2013. In this annual guide, Mike Griswold, Research VP at Gartner, analyzes the available SCM solutions to identify the key demand driven forecasting and inventory replenishment functionality that leads to higher supply chain performance and profitability. This guide is designed to be the starting point for retailers to select an appropriate solution provider based on forecasting and replenishment initiatives.

Data Profits (, a leading mid-market Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution, is honored to be recognized by Gartner by being included in their 2013 Forecasting and Replenishment Guide for Retailers. “Gartner provides valuable insight and guidance to retailers who seek to improve their supply chain performance and positively impact their financial results,” stated Stuart Dunkin, CEO of Data Profits. “We see the next few years as ones where retailers and distributers are looking to align and link their forecasting, replenishment, and inventory systems from a demand driven perspective versus static forecasts used by legacy vendors. Using these techniques provides actionable insights across the supply chain, driving new behaviors and smarter decisions,” added Dunkin. “Our advanced iKIS™ solution provides our retail and distribution customers and their partners with increased visibility that drives higher sales and profits.” Only Data Profits’ iKIS™ solution allows businesses to “Tighten the Links in Your Chain™.”

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To be included in Gartner’s vendor guide, each solution provider had to meet five key supply chain criteria including advanced forecasting capabilities plus four key replenishment capabilities. Critical replenishment requirements include: integrated cross-channel forecasting (i.e. one demand forecast for all sales channels, multi-echelon inventory planning), and promotional forecasting (at the item, day, and channel levels). iKIS™ handles each of these uniquely with fast, flexible and quick installation using a SaaS delivery model. iKIS™ can be installed and running in 30 days at less than 1/2 the cost of older legacy solutions yielding fast ROI impact.

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Data Profits’, an experienced leader in SaaS supply chain software, delivers a set of critical abilities to mid-market retailers, wholesalers, manufactures, suppliers and distributors, including Demand Forecasting, Inventory Replenishment, Collaboration with Supply Chain Visibility, and Proactive Management alerts. Developed with the guidance of both customers and leading technology experts, Data Profits software is implemented and running in less than 30 days at a cost less than 50% of other legacy providers. Using iKIS™ teams can work within one business network to see immediate results on supply chain activities. Data Profits’ real-world experiences demonstrate solid thought leadership that returns significant ROI for customers in 90 days. Data Profits links and leverages the right data at the right time to make the right decisions which drives the right actions to “Tighten the Links in Your Chain™.”

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