Data Profits’ iKIS Now Provides Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

Speed, Data Granularity, and Groups Combined with Actionable Customization Will Drive Profits in 2013

Atlanta, December 19, 2012 – In 2013, mid-tier retailers, distributors, and grocers will increasingly need real-time actionable insight their into supply chain to drive behavior changes and profitability. Data Profits’ ( iKIS supply chain visibility solution provides actionable insights, allowing companies to access granular data across both internal and supplier and/or logistics data sources, translating big data into analysis based on computer generated statistics which is coupled with human intellect. The alerts and recommendations are actionable within the Data Profits’ SaaS (software as a service) solution without opening several legacy applications.

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“Organizations spend countless hours creating multiple Excel reports that are difficult to analyze, often representing the same data that cannot be acted upon in a timely manner. Many times these reports become obstacles in providing a true picture of the supply chain,” said Stuart Dunkin, CEO of Data Profits. “With logistics and point of sale solutions becoming more sophisticated, Excel cannot keep up and supply chain solutions must become more agile to handle the plethora of real-time information.”

Smart Data Drives Smart and Actionable Insights Across the Supply Chain

Data Profits’ key differentiators in supply chain visibility include:

  1. An integrated picture of the Omni-channel supply chain which can be securely shared with internal and supplier and/or logistics sources
  2. Multi-level collaboration and action to create real-time views of strategic KPIs including risk, service levels, and in-stock availability
  3. Access to data and programs to make changes in a few clicks
  4. Views by supply chain stakeholders without IT support
  5. Collaboration for key stakeholders in senior management, supply chain management, distribution center management, merchandising, buying, and inventory planning
Demand Forecasting

“We see 2013 as the year where retail demand intelligence will become a reality. This will include actionable insights across the supply chain, smart data which will drive smart decisions and the translation of smart data into new behaviors across the supply chain.” added Dunkin. “iKIS provides retailers with a solution today that will provide them supply chain visibility and drive profits.”

About Data Profits (

Data Profits’ iKIS “Internet Keeping Inventory Simple,” software solves the disjointed relationship between data, people and business goals of mid-market wholesalers, retail and grocery supply chains. iKIS leverages big data and built in sophisticated BI tools and algorithms to deliver unparalleled and accurate inventory management. The Data Profits’ demand driven solution provides demand forecasting, inventory optimization, planning, allocation, inventory replenishment, VMI, and Purchase Ordering with enhanced total supply chain visibility. The Real-time visualization allows collaboration between internal groups and supplier and/or logistic vendors, on-the-fly scenario analysis and a user Interface which is customizable without IT. iKIS is installed in 30 days at less than 1/2 the cost of other solutions. Data Profits links and leverages the right data at the right time to make the right decisions which drives the right actions to “Tighten the Links in Your Chain™.”

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