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Category Buyer ROI

Category Buyer ROI

Data Profits’ iKIS 5.2 (Internet Keeping Inventory Simple) addresses the inventory and supply chain management problems that you face daily. With iKIS 5.2 you can lower costs and improve sales, with measurable return on investment in 90 days of deployment allowing you to capture value from the supply chain.

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Gain Control over Fulfillment and Increase Sales

Whether your title is buyer, replenishment professional, analyst or planner, you are responsible for selecting the right products for the right location and in the right quantities, while balancing how much you own and what you owe. In today’s economic situation, owning the right amount of inventory is critical to your success as a buyer.

Does lowering costs and improved sales measurable within 90 days of deployment, get your attention? Data Profits’ iKIS (Internet Keeping Inventory Simple) solution results in a 7 to 10 percent reduction in inventory providing better ‘in stock’ conditions at the right locations in less than 8 weeks. As you look to optimize your order cycle, you want quick and easy access to the information most important to you including:

  • Is the forecast accurate?
  • What is the lead time and cost associated with it?
  • Do we have the information needed: a good forecast, order process and time required to ship and have JIT inventory?
  • Do we have the right mix of products to meet the needs of our customers?
  • Do we have enough product to meet the needs of a current promotion?

Data Profits helps you optimize the profit potential of your inventory by balancing service goals, inventory carry costs, inventory acquisition costs, vendor minimum constraints, gross margin and GMROI. Data Profits’ vendor collaboration tools put everyone on the same page and puts you in control of the information and alerts you receive per vendor.

See how iKIS can help ‘Tighten the Links in Your Chain™.’