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Inventory Manager ROI

Inventory Manager ROI

Data Profits’ iKIS 5.2 (Internet Keeping Inventory Simple) addresses the inventory and supply chain management problems that you face daily. With iKIS 5.2 you can lower costs and improve sales, with measurable return on investment in 90 days of deployment allowing you to capture value from the supply chain.

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Intelligently Manage the Locations and Quantity of Inventory

Successful inventory management is a key component to successful supply chain management. Inventory managers like you spend your days ensuring that the right amount of product is at the right location at the right time, while satisfying the business goals from two competing groups – finance and operations. You are constantly looking for ways to maximize your inventory to fill anticipated orders without excess stock.

Does 30 percent reduction in inventory sound interesting? Data Profits’ unique replenishment tools along with our promotion and event/tools help you meet the goal of having the right product, at the right place at the right time. You need easy access to the information most important to you including:

  • How accurate is the forecast?
  • Are there seasonal or market spikes?
  • Are we successfully meeting the goals of finance and operations?
  • Are we on budget?
  • Where can we reduce inventory costs and increase product margins?

Data Profits helps keep inventory simple. With Data Profits’ iKIS 5.2 (Internet Keeping Inventory Simple), you don’t have to find more money to service customers better, you can buy smarter, produce lowered inventory, improved service to customer and increase in sales. iKIS improves sales, merchandise planning, and supply chain ordering by anticipating customer needs with intelligent forecasting and “right-time” actionable information.

See how iKIS can help ‘Tighten the Links in Your Chain™.’