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Big Data. Big Profits. Big Impact.

Time to Tighten the Links in Your Chain™

Data Profits’s iKIS™ SaaS demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, and supply chain solution provides enterprise level performance without the enterprise price. Combining state-of-the-art forecasting algorithms with disruptive technology and a user-friendly interface allows you and your vendor partners to adapt to market changes before your competition. Our solutions for demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, inventory optimization, omni-channel, and lead time forecasting are provided on a web-based SaaS platform allowing for lightning fast installs, frequent hassle-free updates, easy vendor collaboration, and nearly immediate ROI.

See Differences Between Demand Forecasting and Sales Forecasting for Inventory Replenishment

Demand Forecasting Methods Highlight Differences between Demand and Sales

Demand Forecasting software will measure and account for Lost Sales, overstock and closeouts. These are three pitfalls of not having a demand forecasting software solution. Sales forecasting methods doom you to repeat last years sales. Without real Demand Forecasting, tracking lost sales is only a KPI. Unless the lost sales are automatically incorporated into the forecast method, it’s a sales forecasting solution.

The 'P's' of Retail

Product Price Place People

Our data-driven demand forecasting and supply chain solutions help you marry the art and science of retail.

Demand Forecasting

Data Profits iKIS highlights

Overview of the iKIS SaaS Demand Forecasting Graph. View your demand, sales, promo, and plan all in one screen. Manage and view product – location historical sales, promo, and lost sales. Manage forecasting and review at the click of a button.

Our Solutions

Our demand-driven solutions incorporate demand forecasting and analysis, driving inventory management decisions and supporting core retail, omni-channel, and supply chain processes. Each module is designed to fit seamlessly with the others and connect with your legacy systems to ‘Tighten the Links in your Chain’™.

Demand Forecasting

Our Shopper Centric forecasting algorithms
combine BI analysis with forecasting intelligence
to provide the best possible forecast to you and
your supplier network. Forecast future regular,
lost, promo and event sales for basics, fashion
and general merchandise in retail and wholesale
companies. Share forecasting data across your
organization and with business partners and
suppliers for instant collaboration.

Lead Time Forecasting

Forecast lead times from PO creation until
the goods are available to consumers. Visualize
the multi-echelon data from vendor to DC,
DC to DC, DC to Store, Direct, Cross dock, and
flow though across your supplier network.
Use this data to instantly effect order points
and realize cost savings across your supply
chain thru reduced lost sales and few overstocks.

Inventory Optimization

Maximize gross profit and minimize inventory
costs through inventory optimization. Determine
days needed between replenishment orders,
balancing service, acquisition, order cycles, and
carry cost with gross margin. Create orders that
meet vendor minimums without over-buying..

Order Management

Our Order Management tools suggest when,
what, and how much to order, built to vendor
minimum. Our service also provides edit and
analysis tools for purchase orders with customizable
Scorecards and KPIs for vendor performance.

Seasonality and Market Trends

Our demand forecasting engine determines
if your sales spikes are a result of seasonality,
a market trend, or an event and calculates a
true forecast over time. Know something the
computer doesn’t? Our tools make it easy to
recalculate forecasts at any level in the product
and location hierarchy.

Exception Management and Automation

Automate business rules and processes to meet
goals, target employee man-hours, identify
opportunities, and respond to the market. Create
custom alerts for exceptions in forecasting, instock,
lead time, and more. Prioritize alerts using multiple
criteria to keep workloads manageable. Receive alerts
via the system dashboard, email, or text message.
The possibilities are limitless.

The Latest and Greatest

Demand Forecasting and Supply Chain News You Can Use

SaaS Vs Web-Hosted Vs Cloud

What’s the difference anyway?

Some enterprise planning systems boast a “web-hosted” solution but aren’t true Software as a Service (SaaS) models. Our SaaS demand forecasting and supply chain solutions are available on a subscription basis, without the need for long term contracts or additional hardware. Without the constraints of traditional models, we can provide more frequent software updates and better tech support (100% USA staffed) as our technicians are only dealing with one code version. New installs are fast and easy compared to enterprise systems. These efficiencies are passed on to our customers as cost savings providing fast ROI.

Inventory Optimization–Top Down vs Bottom Up

Top down inventory optimization sounds like a simple solution to many retail issues. But is forcing a forecast down from the top really the best solution? iKIS™ allows for a bottom up approach by providing accurate forecasting at the lowest levels and seamlessly rolling these forecasts up to upper hierarchy levels for reporting. With our robust exception management tools, long range forecasts at the location-product are remarkably accurate even with your longest lead time vendors.

The Data Profits Difference

With all the demand planning and forecasting solutions on the market, why choose iKIS™? Everyone will tell you they can increase your sales and lower your carrying inventory (and we do that too). Our solutions are different. We give you speed.

90 days from install start to ROI

Our web-based SaaS solutions install in less than 30 days and see ROI by day 90. Instead of waiting a year or more to see results, you can be reaping the benefits next quarter.

Endlessly Adaptable

Why wait 1, 3, or 5 years for a software update? Our solutions can be updated 365 times a year. Updates happen seamlessly, without extra work on your end.

Omni-channel Connectivity

Customers shopping patterns are changing faster than enterprise systems can adapt. Our solutions are made to embrace Omni-channel retailing and to keep pace with shifts in customer focus.

Vendor Collaboration

Our solutions make vendor collaboration seamless with your internal processes. Vendors can see exactly what you see, reducing the need for extra reporting. We support everything from automated Vendor alerts to complete Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).