four-ideas-that-can-fix-inventory-replenishmentCan you find new ideas to improve your inventory replenishment and / or supply chain in under three minutes?  Do you find training materials and great ideas shared on the web by your software and other supply chain companies? Does your software support site provide a full offering of concepts and ideas that utilize support documents, template checklists, white board animation, and slide shares to support their product and your business?

Social Media Forces the Need to Learn New Inventory Replenishment Concepts

The world is changing, what impacts a customer now is social media. The market can swing in days. Market changes that impact the supply chain in days create significantly faster inventory reductions than your legacy software can support.  Users are looking for ideas to help their workload.  Supply Chain staffs’ in demand forecasting and inventory replenishment are significantly smaller, meaning less time for week long conferences. Studies show users want to search and find answers on the web. More importantly, in the world of I want it right now, the modern inventory replenishment team wants answers immediately; that means modern user based web and support sites.

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When you read the a blog (yes mine included… 🙂 or watch the video, often in less than 2 minutes you know if the writer is speaking from experience or the writer cleverly/ poorly copied another idea.  The internet of things (IoT) has created a new customer who is impacted and motivated in minutes with social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, itsy, Amazon and eBay. Clever sayings, fast-fun videos, smart slide decks that deliver quality thoughts and ideas in minutes are the wave of the future. People do not have time for more than mere minutes.

Technology can be used to tie industry to consumers. We experience that fact every time we see Amazon win a supply chain award from a supply chain publication.  Companies need to fight fire with fire as the old expression states. Today, there are many tools like interactive web sites, videos, slide shares and blogs that interface with those resources to assist in those teaching and tracking methods.

Inventory Replenishment IoT Pains have Teachable Solutions

In the world of collaboration with Office docs, slides and video there are some good teaching materials to help the demand forecasting and inventory management teams. At Data Profits we launched a new website that focuses on training materials for mid-tier retail, wholesale and food companies. We offer inventory replenishment and forecasting concept videos to show your team or an executive board to explain your pain. also has free download kits and slide-shares providing steps toward solutions. Visit our RESOURCES section of our website and read more in our recent PRESS RELEASE. At any time, if you want a more personal touch – Contact Us for a free consultation about your forecast accuracy and inventory management opportunities, or request a free demo and see how you can fix your engines and safely reach your destination.

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