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Vendor / Supplier ROI

Vendor / Supplier ROI

Data Profits’ iKIS 5.2 (Internet Keeping Inventory Simple) addresses the inventory and supply chain management problems that you face daily. With iKIS 5.2 you can lower costs and improve sales, with measurable return on investment in 90 days of deployment allowing you to capture value from the supply chain.

iKIS delivers the key features for success in an easy to use, customizable format. Sign Me Up

Vendor/Supplier – Provide a Picture of the Future

Your business thrives with the right information – future POs by product, quantity, and ship-to location. The better you understand the demand the better you can manage your inventory and eliminate the risk of running out of a product featured in a promotion. As a vendor/supplier your goals are always the same: deliver the right products and quantity to the right place on the right day, meet service goals, and minimize costs.

Interested in a solution that puts you on the same page with the rest of the players in the supply chain? Data Profits’ iKIS (Internet Keeping Inventory Simple) improves sales, merchandise planning, and supply chain ordering by anticipating customer needs and wants, with intelligent forecasting and “right-time” actionable information including the most important information for your needs:

  • What are expected sales?
  • What inventory is needed?
  • What is the response from a product’s ad or promotion?
  • Given the projections can we change manufacturing run without leaving business on the table?

iKIS delivers the key features for success in an easy to use, customizable format. With iKIS you have the option to see a scheduled set of reports, drawn from the same system the retailers use to manage their supply, sign into the system to see KPI, Scorecards, Forecast, trends, indexes and use full VMI (vendor managed inventory) capability to plan, forecast, review, alert, allocate, replenish goods to the retailer. See how iKIS can help ‘Tighten the Links in Your Chain™.’