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Demand Driven Solutions Start at the Bottom of the Hierarchy

Demand Driven solutions require each part of the supply chain to utilize a Demand Forecast calculated at the bottom hierarchy level, the individual product, and the individual location. iKIS demand driven solutions start to work at a product/location (UPC or skuloc) level to deliver demand forecasting, allocation, replenishment, order management, inventory optimization, and event management for basics, fashion, grocery, and general merchandise. Retail and Wholesale customers need fast, accurate solutions that focus on the individual consumer. The solutions need to merge retail analysis and forecasting together as one service to deliver the right products at the lowest possible cost and highest possible ROI.

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Demand Forecasting

Our Shopper Centric forecasting algorithms combine BI analysis with forecasting intelligence to provide the best possible forecast to you and your supplier network. Forecast future regular, lost, promo and event sales for basics, fashion and general merchandise in retail and wholesale companies. Stay ahead of the curve.
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Inventory Optimization

Maximize gross profit and minimize inventory costs through inventory optimization. Determine days needed between replenishment orders, balancing service, acquisition, and carry cost with gross margin.
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Seasonality and Market Trends

Our Demand Driven Solutions understand what is seasonal to your business. Seasonality is all about understanding time periods with repeat business expectations. Identify seasonal demand forecasts and respond to sales that repeat based on a calendar. See how market trends affect your demand forecast and inventory.
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Lead Time Forecasting

Forecast lead times from PO creation until the goods are available for consumers. Realize costs associated with how long it takes to get new goods ready for the shelf. Visualize the multi-echelon data from vendor to DC, DC to DC, DC to Store, Direct, Cross dock, and flow though across your supplier network.
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Order Management

Our Order Management tools suggest When, What, and How much to order, built to vendor minimum. Our service also provides edit and analysis tools for purchase orders with customizable Scorecards and KPIs for vendor performance.
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Exception Management & Automation

Automate business rules and processes to meet goals, target employee man-hours, identify opportunities, and respond to the market. Update the system in minutes with pin-point detail and accuracy where you have exceptions, new business, or changing market trends; limitless possibilities are available.
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Additional Programs and Tools

Inventory Replenishment

  • Exception Management
  • Use Regular, Lost, Promo, Coupon, & CloseOut Sales
  • Multiple algorithms
  • Event/Promotion Aware
See the future without dice, darts, or Excel. Our Demand Driven Solutions know the difference between Demand Forecasting and Sales Forecasting to get your inventory replenishment levels right.
Accurately forecast demand across all levels of your business. Now you can target inventory investments and customer opportunities. Now you can collaborate in real time with your suppliers to add value to the forecast.
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Allocation and Assortment Planning

  • Demand Cleansing
  • Custom and Auto Adjusted Seasonal Indexes
  • Set the rules, exceptions and actions by business group
  • Customize your business into forecast groups
  • Order Cycle Optimization
Leave the unknowns; leave the complexities of changing designs, markets, weather and staggering volume of SKU/Locations behind. Identify and respond to trends and market by hierarchy of product, customer and location instantly.
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  • Track Purchase Orders in Real Time
  • Lead Time Forecasting
  • Purchase Order Analysis
  • Manage Truck builds and Order Changes instantly
  • How many days does it take to reach vendor mins?
How many POs did you open last week? How many suppliers shipped complete? Do you know what your lost sales were, why they occurred or how to fix it? Do you have visibility into your supply chain? What does the vendor lead time cost you each order and what are more profitable options?
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Business Intelligence

  • Sales Projection Tools
  • Inventory Position and Projections
  • Change Sales Trends dynamically and see the results
  • Connect your supply Chain partners to live data: reports, exceptions, and events
Flexibility and ‘what if’ scenarios built into your custom fortune teller. You want to see what will sell in X number of days, how many days until you will need inventory, and how much you will spend next month. What will your inventory and financial position be at month end? Predict, long before events, where opportunities exist in your markets… do it today.
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